Cloud & Platform

Cloud & Platform

Cloud computing is fast becoming the platform of choice for innovation and digital transformation. Our comprehensive suite of services transform applications, business processes and infrastructure management to enable you to rapidly modernise applications, migrate workloads and securely manage your hybrid environment, thereby empowering your business to gain a competitive advantage.

From multi tenancy to private or hybrid cloud storage solutions, we have a suitable solution to fulfil your business’ needs.
By utilising our Next Generation Network (NGN), hosted in our custom built data centres, we are able to offer highly scalable cloud solutions based on cutting-edge, high-performance Dell and HP hardware.

Our cloud infrastructure is built in an all-flash storage, delivering software-defined flash power and reliability that offers you the flexibility, scalability and performance you need to support your business solutions.

Modernise legacy environments and make IT simple

Organisations need to modernise their legacy IT systems in order to leverage new digital technologies such as the cloud and IoT. By modernising these systems, which pose a significant barrier to digital transformation, we will help you to digitally innovate and compete for success, increase agility, maximise your return on investments and perfect your compliance and security standards.

Similarly, our IT simplification services will help simplify your IT by improving your operational processes and performance, minimising infrastructure cost and complexity and improving availability and reliability, thereby letting you focus on running your core business functions.

Cloud Services for AWS, Azure, and VMWareC

Our cloud solutions for Azure, AWS and VMware successfully leverage these technologies to deliver a highly flexible, safe and cutting-edge service that allows you to seamlessly migrate your existing on-premises workloads to the public cloud, consolidating and extending your data centre capacities, as well as optimising, simplifying and modernising your disaster recovery solutions.

With a choice of private or public cloud platforms, tenancies, scale and geographic locations, we manage all your IT infrastructure platforms, enabling you to focus on your strategic priorities.

Platform and container services

Tap into the latest in container and platform innovation by utilising our fully automated cloud business solutions. Our consumption-based services, SAP cloud platform and container services deliver across the full stack, enabling fast, efficient, reliable and unprecedented scale operations in a competitive market.

Migration and Transformation Services

As today’s businesses demand the need for new technology like mobile and cloud, the need for legacy migration and modernisation also increases. Migration and transformation solutions are needed to drive transformation, reduce complexities and demonstrate benefits to return on investments. With a highly skilled team, we provide a bespoke range of managed agile services and work to ensure that the efficient use of effort, resources and time are implemented, thereby assisting your organisation on this journey to innovation, modernisation and virtualisation.

Hosting and Network Solutions

In order to survive and succeed in today’s technological landscape, organisations must adopt a hybrid and digital IT approach to managing their infrastructure, middleware and enterprise applications. Our thorough IT assessments, meticulous advice and planning assist you to optimise and automate existing infrastructure, migrating assets into cloud, mobile and on-demand-ready climates.

Cloud Security and Data Recovery

Cloud Backup and Security: Data is critical to an organisation’s business operations, not securing that data could have catastrophic implications. We provide affordable cloud backup and recovery solutions which enable you to efficiently, reliably and safely store your data on the cloud.