Today, disruptive technologies like big data, cloud, IoT, mobility, AI and automation are impacting business models and the IT landscape. Businesses are increasingly coming under pressure to outpace competition and drive business growth by leveraging these emerging technologies. Using a holistic approach, our customer centred consultancy services focus on your business strategy and long-term goals, helping you to identify and prioritise the disruptive technologies that will have a transformational effect on your business, enable you to implement agility, operationalise IT strategy as well as perform information security assurance and system integration, thereby ensuring a smooth and cost-effective digital transformation.

From understanding existing business processes to identifying gaps and creating vital strategies for digital transformation, we will empower you to manage your IT systems with efficiency, reliability and agility to achieve measurable business outcomes.

CIO and Executive Programme

Chief Information Officers set and lead the technology strategy for an organisation, performing a functional, transformational and strategic role and act as an executive-level interface between business innovation and operational excellence.

With the ever-growing demands on IT processes, CIO’s have to evolve accordingly, transforming the business through technology.

We help CIO’s to navigate today’s complex technology landscape, effectively perform their leadership roles and overcome the challenges and changes in business, IT functions, and their respective executive roles. Through leading edge insights into technology trends and CIO benchmarking studies, professional development and peer-to-peer executive networking, we keep CIOs informed and prepared to confidently meet today’s demands.

Technology Strategy and Architecture

Organisations’ architectural and strategic practices have evolved in recent years, shaping business change and sustainable growth. Most organisations have a clear business strategy that lays out the company’s direction and defines its objectives. Having a robust and practical technology strategy supports and aligns IT with this overall business strategy, and is vital to ensuring the organisation works towards its intended outcomes.

Our extensive understanding of the key strategic and architectural challenges faced by organisations today will help you in defining a technology strategy that spans multiple disciplines, functions and capabilities, analyse your existing operating environment, identify new opportunities and work together to develop an agile and practical framework that can drive positive strategic transformation across your organisation and meets the long-term objectives of your business.

Supply Chain and Operations: Supply chain functions are critical business operations needed to plan and implement service flow from supplier to end user. The need for an improved and integrated supply chain implementation is critical for an organisation’s success. By monitoring supply chains and assessing purchasing strategies, we help you to leverage the latest technologies to achieve revenue growth and drive efficiencies at scale.

Transformation Management

We ensure exceptional and efficient transformation management in IT projects. We help organisations with the effective management and delivery of their most critical IT programmes and projects, in an agile and efficient manner. At a juncture where complexity, time and resources are at constant friction, our thinking, governance and project management strategies help organisations envisage their conversion and growth programs.