With the growing pressures that governments and public sector institutions face in delivering services to its people, it is imperative for them to address these challenges through digital transformation strategies, technology delivery and citizen-led innovation.

We at Cnetso Group work closely with Government customers across the globe, introducing them to new approaches and ideas to service delivery and helping them implement transformational strategies, economically, efficiently and effectively. Our broad international experience, combined with extensive expertise in delivering top-notch digital services across healthcare, education, finance and other sectors helps us to provide global services tailored for local markets.

Our aim is to help governments work better for their people.

Our Services

  • Government departments need technology that is reliable, versatile, and secured against an increasing range of cyber security threats. Our government solutions, are designed to fulfil these requirements, helping departments meet a significant range of compliance responsibilities.

  • Provision of ‘Desktop as a Service’ for governments, with our fully managed service offering a truly mobile, up-to-the-minute full desktop experience from a wide variety of devices and enabling a government to fulfil its formal requirements.

  • Offering Identity & Access Management services that use a cloud-based system to secure access to government systems and ensuring levels of access are always appropriate.

  • Provision of a “Security as a Service” package that covers all the key areas government departments typically have to think about, including secure Office 365, Mobile Device Management, Cybersecurity and Data Leakage Protection, all ensuring a reduction in exposure to cyber threats and organisation damage as a whole.

  • Use of digital technologies to make public services more effective and customised for its users.

  • Support the development of infrastructure, through public-private partnerships and asset management strategies, resulting in an improvement to people’s lives and leading to economic growth.

  • ‘Unlock the value of your data to deliver better services to your citizens’

  • Application of AI and data analytics to help the education sector improve the learning outcomes of citizens.

  • Use of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers to securely store and share information.


E-Justice is here to stay, as the Judiciary and the Judicial Services of countries, in a bid to modernise their systems, go paperless.

Paperless Courts or Electronic Case Management Systems (ECMS), automate the manual filing systems within a Court’s Registry, automating systems from case filing to court decision execution. Turnaround time on case handling would thus be improved and justice delivery, enhanced.

With an e-Justice system, a court user is able to electronically file cases and complaints, and track their status, as well as make digital money payments for court transactions. This functionality also allows capability for a court user to get instant notifications of all adjournments via messages (SMS) and email, as well as receive instant alerts on all court-related transactions.

Implementing such an E-Justice System will eliminate challenges such as duplication of numbers, manually creating documentation, files, and transferring of documents through the registries, high case processing times and backlogs, manual payments and receipts for court processes, which possibly lead to fraudulent activities, delays in court processes, inconsistent reporting and documentation loss during processing.

Benefits to a paperless court include digitisation, easy retrieval and efficient processing of records, creation of e-docket for easy access and reference by Judges, improved compliance and security for all case related information.

We assist governments in fully automating their court processes and electronic communication tools, making their court systems one of the most effective in the world. We will help you to build a fully integrated system that will seamlessly link all levels of Court through the application of technology and e-governance systems.


E-Health is the intersection of medical informatics, public health and business, referring to health services and information delivered or enhanced through digital technologies. Technologies such as 4G/5G mobile communication, AI or supercomputing offer newer avenues to transform health services, revolutionising and enabling innovative approaches to personalised and integrated health care. Health data and advanced data analytics help advance scientific research, personalised medicine, early diagnosis of diseases and more effective treatments.

We help governments around the globe in devising strategies and implementing digital technology to address challenges that the health sector faces, focusing on ways to digitally enhance processes for improving the quality of care, enabling shared decision-making with patients and empowering both citizens and professionals through better digital health services, resulting in convenient access for patients and cost savings for governments.


The steep rise in denser populations, traffic congestion and increases in emissions from traffic are continually posing a threat to the quality of life of people in many countries around the world. It is critical for governments to adopt varied transport systems to intelligently integrate and facilitate joined up passenger journeys. To achieve this, governments must innovate and invest in technology-driven efficient tools to streamline operations, enhance the efficiency of operations and improve services at a reduced cost.

A good transport network in a country provides important access to education, training, work, healthcare and the opportunity to simply enjoy time out. It provides that vital link between our communities and is an important component to ensuring a vibrant economy.

We work with governments to make the most out of digital technology solutions, helping them in their journey to ensure the growth and sustainability of their transport sector. Our solutions provide real-time information throughout the journey, enabling operators to make faster, more informed decisions, resulting in optimised operations and better customer experiences.