Securing your digital future – a step in the right direction

With an ever-evolving security landscape, organisations are now increasingly facing complex security threats, in the form of cyber attacks, from organised and professional cybercriminals.

It is imperative for organisations to put cyber security at the forefront of their efforts as highly publicised hacks and data breaches, permeating every facet of society, are having a huge impact on a company’s operations, resulting in losses to people, revenue, reputation and trust. Security needs to be fully embedded into the core of applications, infrastructure and culture.


We can help you to both realise the cyber security risk you face and define your security strategy. We will identify threats, mitigate attacks, protect your data and privacy and manage identities in the midst of large-scale digital evolution.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM facilitates the management of electronic or digital identities across virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile environments. Our IAM services will provide you with the tools and technologies for controlling user access to critical information within your organisation. These services include access management (privileged or user), identity governance and administration, as well as role-based access control.

Data Protection and Privacy

With the prolific rise in data breaches, coupled with the expansion of data privacy laws around the globe, it is crucial for organisations to protect their businesses with strategies, processes and solutions aimed at identifying and safeguarding their sensitive and private information. Our data protection and privacy services span the entire lifecycle, from the discovery, protection and monitoring, to the retirement of sensitive data.

Security Risk Management

Our risk management services include risk and compliance, governance risk and compliance automation, compliance readiness, and support for vulnerability remediation. We will help map your business requirements into a strategic security architecture, provide ongoing risk and compliance management, while achieving full situational awareness and security with budget optimisation.

Infrastructure and Cloud Security

Every organisation needs a safe and secure storage space, where data and applications are easily accessible and protected from malicious attacks. Keeping that data protected from vulnerabilities is vital to your business’s success. We offer comprehensive services covering 24/7 security monitoring and incident management, malware analysis, advanced threat protection, vulnerability management, information leak protection, cloud security readiness assessment, cloud monitoring and management. We also provide security consulting, security transformation, managed services in a dedicated model (both on-premises and offshore) as well as multi-tenancies.

Endpoint protection

Security breaches can be catastrophic for organisations. To protect from cyberattacks, you will need a comprehensive endpoint detection and response solution. We will provide you with antivirus and anti-spyware, hosted firewalls and intrusion-prevention services as well as both application and device control. Our 24×7 monitoring of detection alerts, recording and storing of activity data, with threat intelligence feeds, will help you get ahead of the threats.

Version 1

User Training and Development: We all know that end users are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. Much of the responsibility for cyber security rests with employees, hence user awareness training is essential to educating your staff on the warning signs of potential attacks and helping them remain vigilant to the latest threats.

Version 2

User Training and Development: As breaches become more common, it has become necessary for organisations to train their employees, as part of their security strategy, to reduce exposure to vulnerabilities and help them remain vigilant to the latest threats.

Device Control

With organisations becoming more interconnected than ever before, asset management and device encryption is critical to protecting your business from data loss and malware. By leveraging our tool sets to manage your IT assets from a central portal, you can be rest assured your data and systems are in safe hands.

Unified Vulnerability Management

Detecting critical vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications, and network infrastructure is vital to protecting an organisation’s information assets. Our services span infrastructure vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, application security, network security, mobile security to security across the entire software development life cycle (SDLC).
By regularly assessing your system’s vulnerabilities, analysing existing vulnerable exploits and testing its security controls, we can help you to safeguard your business by preventing business downtime and improving your return on investment.