Workplace & Mobility

Workplace & Mobility

In today’s competitive market, businesses thrive when they attract the right talent and create the best positive employee experiences. How comfortable employees feel in their workplaces plays a key role in determining how inspired and engaged with work they are.

To achieve agility, it is vital for organisations to make use of modern tools that can effectively keep employees fully apprised. By using tools such as Microsoft 365, Office 365, Windows 10 and with organisation mobility and security, at the core, we accelerate your workplace transformation into a more productive environment.

Our infrastructure services such as workplace support, professional, consulting, and operational assistance to enable BYOD, mobility, collaboration, desktop delivery, enterprise networks, end user services and experience management enable you to efficiently create more value, thereby bolstering your business’s digital evolution.

Mobility and Workplace Management

To take advantage of new technologies and ways of working, organisations are ever inclining towards mobile workforces, with employees choosing to use apps, collaboration tools and cloud data to increase work productivity. By allowing employees to work on their preferred device, whether it is a laptop, tablet or smartphone, employee satisfaction and productivity greatly increases. Our comprehensive mobility and workplace management services span solutions for procurement, supplying, revamping, system support, security and business analytics, virtual desktop and application services, to workplace device services.

Campus and Connectivity Networks

In today’s evolving digital landscape and modern workplace, the demand for sophisticated next-generation technology and on-demand connectivity for users is causing organisations to rethink their strategy – to secure the enterprise and control costs whilst providing their employees with a predictable and satisfying work environment . Organisations will require cutting edge, automated, secure, and intelligent network infrastructures to handle the complexities of these next-generation technologies. We have the expertise and experience to transform and manage your network infrastructure to your business requirements.

Digital Support Services

Our digital support services offer a complete, one stop solution to an easy, fast and engaging IT support experience. By extensively assessing your digital landscape, we make the right enhancements to your digital path, enabling you to leverage the full potential of innovative technology.

Productivity and Unified Communications

Unified Communications play a significant role in boosting workplace productivity, by offering greater mobility, automating routine tasks, as well as facilitating effective communication and collaboration amongst staff and customers alike. We offer secure and efficient collaboration tools for Microsoft Office 365, messaging, collaboration and unified communications. By leveraging the full potential of these tools, we can help you to increase your workplace productivity and efficiency.